Quitting Smoking with the Ascent Vaporizer

Many health experts are attributing the increasing popularity of vaping to the number of smokers who wish to quit smoking. That’s a good thing, although some worry that curious kids may try them out. So if you’re trying to quit smoking, perhaps you should try out the Ascent Vaporizer instead.

First of all, this is a vaporizer. It is not really an electronic cigarette, although there are obvious similarities. And if you want to quit smoking, many before you will recommend a vaporizer instead of the traditional e-cig.

But what makes the Ascent vape better than its competitors? If you read a typical Ascent Vaporizer review, you’ll notice that more often than not the pros outweigh the cons by a wide margin.

The Vaporizer Design

This thing isn’t really big, but it’s not quite small either. But that’s not always a bad thing. Its weight means that you won’t ever forget you have it with you.

ascent vaporizerIt comes in three color schemes, and it’s the size of an iPhone except it’s twice the thickness. In the front, you see an OLED display with the current temperature, which can reach up to 430 degrees F. You can also see the menu buttons and the temperature controls.

The glass mouthpiece at the top is retractable, and glass is also used for the vapor pathway. The lower portion of the Ascent has the heating chamber. Concentrates are put inside a glass insert, while loose leaves can be ground and then packed right into the heating chamber itself.

The bottom part swings out, but it swings in easily enough. There are also mechanisms in place to prevent it from opening accidentally. The hinge is quite solid, and it doesn’t have that looseness you may find on other products.

Ease of Use

Once you put in the concentrate, you cover the heating chamber with the reusable rubber lid. You run it on, and inside 90 seconds you’re all set. You stay within 5 to 10 degrees within your set temperature while you draw.

You only need to press a single button when you use the Ascent. It will remember your previous set temperature, or you can manually set it to another temperature if you want.

There are some other settings you can customize as well. For example, it can set up the temperature at preset time intervals. You can start with 370 degrees, go to 385 after a time you set, and then it can get to 400 degrees afterwards.

There’s also an automatic shutoff feature, and you can customize that too. You can set the number of minutes the Ascent will turn itself off after you haven’t touched it for a time.

You’ll need a steady and deliberately slow draw to maximize your consumption. The amount of vapor may not quite match the volume produced by its more popular competitors, but the vaping experience is essentially the same.

The recharging is a bit disappointing, since it may take 5 hours to fully recharge. But that will last long enough to use 4 times.

The List of Pros and Cons

So why should you buy Ascent Vaporizer? Let’s line up the pros in one convenient list:

  • The battery lasts for a good long while. This means you’re not recharging every time after you just use it once or twice. Believe it or not, some vaporizers have those types of inefficient batteries.
  • You can use it while recharging. It’s true that the recharging time takes too long at five hours. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in the meantime. This only means you’re not “wireless” when you use it.
  • The temperature is adjustable. Many vaporizers not offer this feature, but not all of them. In addition, you can even set it up so the temperature can rise in increments you chose over time.
  • The auto shutoff can be controlled. Some vaporizers are set only after 20 minutes. But you can make the auto shutoff feature activate much sooner than that. For example, if you don’t use it for 10 minutes, it should probably shut off right away.
  • The durability is fantastic. This isn’t a product design to break down very easily. With it, you can expect years of use, especially when you’re careful and you maintain it properly.
  • The price is reasonable. While different sites may offer different prices, it shouldn’t go past $300. When you consider that some vaporizers cost $700, the price of the Ascent Vaporizer for sale is actually a bargain.

Of course, it’s not exactly perfect either. Here are some of the features which may not be to your liking.

  • The bottom part can be very warm. It’s not as if it can burn you, but when you brush against this heat it’s not really pleasant at all. But the heat is still okay for you to put the unit in your pocket.
  • It’s not really discreet. Keep in mind that this isn’t a pen vaporizer, although it’s not a huge contraption. It’s more like a cellphone or a smartphone circa 2005 to 2007.


So is the Ascent right for you? That depends. If you’re someone who uses herbs as well as concentrates, this one is great because of its versatility. But then again, even if you’re just using it for the e-liquids to stop smoking, it’s also quite nice.

It looks great, and what’s more it looks like a proper electronic device. This means you’re more likely to remember to take care of it, instead of tossing it around like you would when you have it designed like a pen.

When you make sure you treat it nice, it will give you all the time you need for you to stop smoking cigarettes completely. You can fill it with any nicotine concentrate you want, and start with the stronger nicotine concentrations. Then every month or even every two weeks, you can buy a weaker nicotine concentrate.

Your body will get used to the gradual absence of nicotine, and you’ll be free of your addiction forever. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy your Ascent Vaporizer by buying nicotine-free concentrates with a range of flavors to choose from.

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