The Utterly Handsome Halo E Cig

A guy on withdrawal from an addictive substance often doesn’t look all that good. Watch any TV show and you see that often enough. But with the Halo E Cig kit, you actually look classy.halo e cigs

Electronic cigarettes are the perfect tool for quitting, because you get your nicotine cravings and your smoking action habits satisfied.

These Halo cigs are your perfect choice when you finally realize that you’ve gone past beyond the icky disposable electronic cigarettes, but you’re not yet about to spend too much time on atomizers that can be rebuilt and other do-it-yourself kits.

The G6 Starter Kits

Let’s start with the look of these kits, which is priced at about $45. You have 9 options from jet black to classic white, and that includes titanium, midnight blue, princess pink, deep purple, demon red, emerald green, and electric lime.

Suffice it to say that if you whip this out in the office, you’re going to have some admirers asking about them.

It’s like parking a Porsche in a parking lot full of Hondas.

Of course, you may want to check what the vaping policy is in your company. If it’s still being debated, you can always tell them about the benefits, such as there’s no odor problem and productivity is greater among employees because they don’t have to leave their desks to smoke.

Choose one of the darker colors like the midnight blue or the demon red, and you’ll really notice how beautiful these Halo e cigs are. Even the case that ships with the kit looks great, with the brand name Halo embossed in silver on the top.

The electronic cigarette is metallic in material, but the coating is somewhat soft so it feels comfy in your hands. The tube part is actually the two batteries, which can be 65 mm or 78 mm, depending on how often you wish to recharge. If you don’t want to recharge all that often, you should pick the 78 mm option.

There’s also an option as to whether you want the automatic or manual batteries. With the automatic, the e cig controls the vape hits. With the manual, you have a button on the side of the contraption so you can control the vaping experience. As for charging, your kit also includes a USB adapter along with a wall charger.

When you first get the unit, it’s recommended that you immediately use the wall charger for about 8 hours. Then afterwards you can just use the USB charger for recharging.

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Now we come to the flavor. Here you have a wide range of options, and your choices include Tribeca, Turkish Tobacco, Torque 56, Prime 15, HX3, Sub Zero, Menthol Ice, Malibu, and Belgian Cocoa. You also get options as to the nicotine strengths starting with the low-strength 6 mg up to the extra-strong 24 mg, with 6 mg increments in between (12 mg and 18 mg).

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When you’re using the vaping unit, the LED at the end of the unit emits a blue light. It will also blink a lot to tell you that you need to recharge your unit. But that won’t be necessary all that often as the battery can last for a long while.

In fact, even the cartridges can really endure and last for a long time. The starter kit comes with 5 cartridges, and it may take you a month before you need to buy more.

The Triton Starter Kits

Now if you’ve graduated from the G6 model or you just want to get the best vaping unit available, you can get the Triton. It’s a bit pricier at $65, but then again you get what you pay for.Couple in nature with e-cigarettes

Here your battery options are either the 400 or the 650 mAh (milliampere-hour) and both are manual.

You have 10 color schemes to choose from, as you can pick the colors available for the G6 with the additions being iridescence, yellow jacket, and mocha.

You also get 2 Crystal Clear Tanks, an Iridescence Cone that covers the tank and makes your electronic cigarette look better as it matches the color scheme if the battery, and a charging kit consisting of the wall charger and the USB adapter.

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The Importance of “Made in the USA”

These Halo electronic cigarette products are all American-made, and that’s a relief. Previously, most vapers had to settle for electronic cigarettes made from China, and that’s a place where quality control is high in the priority list. And that’s not good when these products are things you put in your mouth and inhale.

It’s understandable if most products are made in China, because it was a Chinese pharmacist who came up with the idea of vaping in the first place.

But all the Halo electronic cigarettes and the accessories are made in the USA, where they strictly subject to tight regulations concerning quality and ingredients. This means you’re going to be very safe using them, and you know that what you order is what you get.


Man enjoying smoking an e-cigarette

So if you’re trying to quit smoking, this is the elegant way to do it. It doesn’t really cost all that much, and the flavor and vaping experience is great. What’s more, you look good for someone who’s still in need of some nicotine.

So to sum up, you have a lot of fantastic options, and the prices are reasonable and in fact even more affordable than some inferior brands. The range of flavors will have at least one or two options which will be to your liking.

The design is utterly elegant. The voltage is more than sufficient, so you get a huge vapor cloud. And the battery charge can last for an entire day.

They’ve only been in business for a few years now, but it’s obvious why they’ve become so popular in such a short time. Halo’s insistence on proper design and quality is such a relief, and so is the Halo e cig when you’re craving for some nicotine.

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