Crucial Observations From E Cig Reviews

It’s been said that choosing a particular brand of e cigarette is much like choosing a brand of cigarette—or even a brand of soda for that matter. It’s all a matter of personal preference and a bit of trial and error. But trying out every e cig in the market today is impractical because of huge number of options involved, which is why you may need to real a lot of e cig reviews.

Determining the best rated e cig is not a simple task, simply because there are numerous factors to consider. The best electronic cigarette review may touch on all of the most important factors, but personal opinions regarding the vaping experience an e cig delivers are entirely subjective. It’s not uncommon for one customer to hate what a reviewer loves.

But by reading a lot of electronic cigarette reviews, you may begin to get a more accurate sense as to the quality of a particular brand of electronic cigarette.

Check the Price

This is an important consideration, and you absolutely need to know if you can afford a particular unit. There’s no sense marveling at the features of a superb e cig if the cost of ownership is out of your reach.

best e cigA review should mention the price, although of course the price may depend a lot on where the unit is offered. But least it should mention if the device is affordable or expensive, and a price range may be very helpful. For some buyers, a price range that starts with a hundred dollars right at the start along with high-priced replacement parts for cartridges and batteries may be beyond their budget.

The Ratings

Using a single review as the basis of an e cig purchase isn’t really a good idea. What you need are numerous reviews, with a rating average to give you an idea of what the consumer market and actual customers think of the product.

First of all, reviews on affiliate sites aren’t reviews at all—they’re advertising copy. It’s the same thing for the reviews you find in the manufacturer’s websites.

What you need is a website you can trust to be impartial. Check out various forums and read the comments so you can get a better sense of whether the site is objective enough in its assessments.

Now look at the number of reviews a product gets. When you only have a handful of reviews, then you don’t really have a fair sample to work with. Also, with just a few reviews there’s a very good change the positive ones were made up by the sellers.

Your best bet is a product that has received numerous reviews. Even if the average is lower, you can read though what the buyers say so you can gauge the quality of the e cig in question.

Vapor Experience

In most cases, a good e cig that will produce good vapor is a better choice than one that doesn’t. But there’s no standard to what good vapor is, so you need to read up and see what most people say about the vapor quality.

But there are some real measurements you can check out. One is the nicotine strength, which can help you make the switch to e cigs. Most people who switch from real cigarettes need their nicotine fix. After all, nicotine is addictive which is why nicotine patches are recommend for those who are trying to quit smoking.

The vapor experience also depends on the chosen flavor. Again, this is a personal choice, but you need to see how a choice of flavor is affecting the tone of the review. Sometimes a superior product may be disparaged simply because the reviewer chose a flavor they didn’t like.

But then again, some electronic cigarettes offer only a handful of available flavors, especially when it’s a disposable e cig. Just remember that the fewer flavor options you have, the more likely it is that you won’t find a flavor that you’ll love.


Just how easy is it to use? Some units are ready right off the bat, but others may require a lot of customized settings in the setup. You need to know how the e cig works, so you can find one that suits your preferences. Some people like it simple, but there are those who like to have the ability to tailor the settings in the setup so that the e cig delivers a customized vapor experience.

The type of unit is also relevant. Some are disposable, others are rechargeable, and some are tank e cigs which are refillable with nicotine liquids.

The look of the unit is also important to some people. There are actually some “vapers” who enjoy the look of an elegantly designed e cig. Besides, when you have an ugly e-cig device then you’re less likely going to use it. But for this factor it’s more important for you to look at the pictures closely rather than read the description in the review.

Portability is also a factor. Just how easy is it to bring the e cig with you? Can you easily fit it in your pocket, or is there a nice bag that goes with the unit?


These devices can be very flimsy, and many think that it’s because a lot of these devices are made in China where quality control is a hit-or-miss proposition. So you may want to check a review and see where the e cig was manufactured. The maker may be American or British, but if it is made in China then the quality may be suspect.

Of course, this is a generalization, and it’s always possible to have a good Chinese e cig and a bad e cig made in the US or UK. Read and see whether the reviewer complains about non-working units when they’re delivered. See how the customer support reacts to requests regarding replacements. Check what happens when a unit is accidentally dropped.

And if you’re lucky, you may even read updated reviews concerning how an e cig model is working after a year or two.

Admittedly, reviews paint only a partial picture, and if you want to be sure you need to try out a unit personally before you buy. But at least with e cig reviews, you can narrow down your options instead of personally trying out more than a hundred types of e cigs.

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