Choosing Your Vapor Cigarette

There are literally hundreds of different types of vapor cigs, and settling on a particular vapor cigarette is going to be a drag (pardon the pun). Yet it’s an option you have to seriously consider, especially when you think about the dangers of actually inhaling tobacco cigarette smoke.

In contrast, using a vapor e cig is eminently a healthier option, and today it’s the nicotine delivery of choice among a lot of consumers. It’s replacing real cigarettes among teens, instead of acting as a “gateway” drug to real cigarettes as some experts had erroneously predicted.

what is vapor cigBut what is the best vapor cigarette? Unfortunately, this is a rather personal choice and it greatly depends on a person’s preferences and particular situation.

Getting Recommendations

If you’re trying to choose among vapor cigarette brands, you’re best bet is to get recommendations from people you trust. That means asking around among your friends and family and getting the advice of the vapers among them.

You can also go online and look for the locations of local retail stores that sell different types of vapor cigs. Many of the people who work in these places are passionate and knowledgeable about the subject, and they can give you a guided tour on how to pick and use a vapor e cigarette.

You may even be allowed to handle an actual vapor electronic cigarette, although in most places you need to be an adult first. You can practice using an e vapor cigarette, practice puffing on the e cig vapor, and try out many different flavors.

In your quest to find the best vapor cigarettes, you can also check out the numerous vapor cigarette reviews online. When you’ve read enough of these reviews, you’ll notice that some offer helpful advice about the features. But some of the assessments are rather subjective in nature.

Subjective Evaluations

Many reviews offer judgments that are simply opinions and not fact. These judgments pertain to the look of the e cig, for example. Some may look classy, and others may have a rather plain look instead.

Your best bet is to look at the product pictures yourself and make your own judgments. You can check out the other design features in the review as well, such as the color of the LED tips if that’s important to you.

Another subjective aspect is the feel of the e cig in your hands. The point of using an electronic cigarette for many is that it’s supposed to resemble the experience of smoking a real cigarette. That makes the switch easier to tolerate for nicotine addicts. And this “feel” is part of it. Some e cigs feel more like a real cigarette, while others are decidedly metallic to the touch.

But being metallic is not necessarily a bad thing. Some reviewers actually like the smoothness of some brands of e cigs. It may be more important to note just how heavy they feel.

Choosing a Flavor

Finally, there is the taste aspect. This is perhaps the most personal factor of them all, and it is also perhaps the one part of reviews you can safely ignore. Regardless of how a reviewer finds a particular flavor (they may find it refreshingly good or insanely terrible), your own reaction may be totally different.

The most important thing to consider about the taste is your options. Some e cigs limit your options to just their own prefilled cartridges (which contain the nicotine juice that you heat to produce the vapor). They may offer a handful of flavor options and nicotine strengths.

Others allow you to use the cartridges from other manufacturers. This is a decided advantage because the more flavor options you have, the more likely it is that you will find a flavor you really like. The best option in this matter is the ability to buy empty cartridges which you can fill up with your own e cig juice. That opens up a lot of possibilities, and this option virtually guarantees that you’ll find a flavor you like.

You may also want to pay attention to the quality of the vapor produced by the e cig. Part of this is determined by the strength of the battery used. You can read the reviews and check whether the vapor quality is strong. You can also find out how long you can use an e cig before you need to recharge it (or if it’s a disposable, before you need to get another one).


This matter of disposables brings us to the topic of availability. Many of the bestsellers in the industry are popular not because they offer a better taste or a superior vaping experience. It’s because they’re easier to buy. The disposable Blu brand, for example, is popular because you can find it in many gas stations and convenience store.

You may also want to find out if your local vaping store offers the brands you like. If they don’t, then your only other option is to go online.

Buying online gives you more choices, and the reviews you read give you a better idea of what you’re going to get. But there are real world consequences, and the number one problem here is that you’re going to have to wait for your purchase to be delivered. And then you better pray that when it arrives it is in perfect working order.

When you buy from a convenience store at least you can try it out there to see if it works. When you buy online, it’s a bit of a gamble. That’s also what you need to find out by reading a lot of reviews. Take note how long it will take for the product to arrive on your doorstep, and note just how frequent the complaints are regarding faulty products. If the complaints are too frequent, you may not want to risk it.

Choosing the right vapor cigarette for yourself is a personal quest. But it will be worth it in the end, simply because you reduce the health risks and you can use it to quit smoking.

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