Safety Considerations in E Cig Juice

e cig juice

There have been a lot of hysterical reports about electronic cigarettes these days, and part of the reason for that it is because there’s that word “cigarette” in the product. The fact that it uses liquid nicotine and it’s becoming popular among teens has also caused alarm among parents. And most people aren’t all that […]

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Crucial Observations From E Cig Reviews

best e cig

It’s been said that choosing a particular brand of e cigarette is much like choosing a brand of cigarette—or even a brand of soda for that matter. It’s all a matter of personal preference and a bit of trial and error. But trying out every e cig in the market today is impractical because of […]

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What You Should Know About Halo E-Cig

Halo E Cig is known as one of the popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the market. It started off with an appearance that resembles your regular electronic cigarettes, but it soon evolved into an even better smoking device with advanced features. Find out what Halo E Cigarette is all about, and discover if this […]

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What are the Top E Cigarette Brands?

The tobacco industry has names such as Marlboro, Newport, and Winston as its bestselling brands. In the electronic cigarette industry, there are more than a hundred different e cigarette brands competing for its slice of the rapidly growing “vaping” pie. So which electronic cigarettes brands are the most popular? Let’s take a look at some […]

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Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes

woman smoking e-cigarette

Where can I buy e cigs? More people are asking this question these days, and for many health officials this is a much better alternative than people smoking traditional cigarettes. Many use it to avoid the health dangers of burning tobacco and others use it to help them quit smoking totally. Children and teens also […]

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The Complete E Cigarette Liquid Primer

e-cig and flavor bottles

Usually, with an electronic liquid cigarette you have a heating element to create the vapor, a mouthpiece to inhale the vapor, and a cartridge that contains the e cigarette liquid. The e cig liquids are what define what you get from the e liquid cigarette. Ingredients The essential e cigarette liquid ingredients are the nicotine […]

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