The Versatile and Portable Atmos RX Vaporizer

The Atmos RX vaporizer first came became popular because it was ranked number one by High Times as the best vaporizer pen in the market. The rating was based on several criteria, including price, versatility, durability, design, taste, and ease of refill. And the Atmos vaporizer pen (then called the Atmos Raw) scored perfect grades on just about all of these factors.

Ever since medical marijuana has become legal in many states and some areas have even allowed recreational use, the Atmos pen vaporizer has become very popular. But that’s not the only reason for its popularity. It turns out that you can also use an Atmos vaporizer to smoke vape juice, which is what you use in e-cigarettes.

The Advantages of the Pen Design

Obviously, the first advantage is that it is truly portable. It is sleek and light and you can just put it in a pocket as you go about your day. And when you need a hit of nicotine, you can just use it any time.
This small size is a vast improvement on other vaporizers, even those others which are considered portable although they’re bigger.

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And what’s more, it really does look like a pen. And that means it is very dwoman smoking e-cigaretteiscreet, so people won’t look at you funny when you’re carrying a vaporizer around. People may automatically think that you use it to smoke marijuana, but you can also use to substitute for cigarette smoking.

This is not an e-cigarette, although by and large they have the same function. With vaporizers, you have to fill up the tank, whereas in e-cigs you usually have them prefilled already.

The standard kit comes with a battery unit, a tank lined with ceramic, a rubber mouthpiece with a ceramic filter, a packing and a dabbing tool, two replacement coils for the stainless steel coil, and a charging kit with an AC adapter and a USB charger.

The replacement coils are necessary because it’s been found that they’re the most easily damaged. That’s not a problem with the design really. The problem is that sometimes you forgot that it’s not a pen and you start tossing it around, cause the machinery inside to break down.

Just take care of it, and the RX will last for a very long time.

Different Flavors

Of course, you can also use it to satisfy your nicotine cravings, and you can work that to your advantage when you are trying to quit. There are 18 different flavors to choose from if you’re buying from Atmos, and they include the taste of tobacco leaf, menthol, coffee, and a whole bunch of fruits.

There are also 5 different nicotine strengths to choose from. That means if you’re a heavy smoker, you can start off with the strongest dose and then gradually move on to the lesser strengths. In time, you can vape even nicotine-free e-liquids and just enjoy the taste.

It comes in a 10 ml bottle with a twist screw on/off safety cap. The drip tip has a design that lets you fill the Atmos tanks easily enough.

With the Atmos vaporizers, you can be very sure that the taste will be absolutely clear and satisfying. The pull is very easy as well.

Of course, you can use it as an electronic pipe and smoke actual herbs. But the small size means you’re best off using it for your e-liquids and concentrates.


One of the most common complaints about the Atmos RX is that the button you need to push isn’t all that easy to find. But that’s all when it comes to its drawbacks. In the overall scheme of things, it’s great.

Part of the reason for that is because it heats up very quickly, so you don’t have to wait very long. Its heating mechanism is truly efficient, compared to its competitors.

Putting the Atmos RX together is actually very easy. The first time you charge it, you should charge it for about 6 hours. Then after that, fully recharging takes only a couple of hours.

67393086To use, you just hold down the heat button for about 5 seconds. And that’s it. Now you have a gadget that can give you the nicotine you need.

For best results, it’s also probably a good idea to read the manual too. But it is so easy to use that even without the manual you won’t have a problem.

The only other problem is that for real herbs, you may find it difficult at first to put in the herbs in the chamber. The herb may also touch the heating coil, and that may cause combustion rather than true vaping. But if you’re using e-liquids, then this problem is moot.


If you want a very discreet way of getting your nicotine fix, then this is the way to go. The pen vaporizer is very discreet, and it is light enough so you won’t be saddled when you’re bringing it with you. Just put in in your shirt pocket and you’re done.

And when it comes to pen vaporizers, the Atmos RX is the best. There’s no debate about it anymore. It’s just about perfect, because it’s affordable, durable, easy to use, very light, and it offers the clearest taste.

So get it now and then start buying the e-liquids. Try the different flavors, and see which one strikes your fancy. You can even op for the strongest nicotine concentration.

But you can graduate to the next weaker concentration after a month. And that means in 6 months you can be completely weaned off your need for nicotine. At the very least, you can minimize your nicotine consumption so you can improve your health.

With the Atmos RX Vaporizer, you have a gadget that can be used for many things, such as for medical marijuana. But as a tool to help you quit smoking, it’s perfect as well. And the design means you can take it with you anywhere, so you don’t have an excuse to buy a cigarette during the day.

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