Aspire Nautilus Mini Test – Is It Worth It?

One of the top companies that produces electronic cigarette products is called Aspire. They are known for producing some of the best vaping devices in the industry. One of their most popular items was the Aspire Nautilus which literally changed the way clearomizers are perceived because it allowed people to have an exceptional vaping experience with a very clean taste. It has to do with the coil design, and in their latest product the Aspire Nautilus Mini, they have designed this for people that are very new to this type of alternative smoking, allowing them to look like they have been doing this all of their lives. Here is our Aspire Nautilus Mini test review, and why we believe that this is the very first place that people should start if they are transitioning from regular smoking, or if they would like to enhance their overall vaping experience.

Differences In Vaping Devices

Couple in nature with e-cigarettesBefore you can understand why this product is so good, you must first have a little bit of background on the progress that the electronic cigarette industry has made in just the last few years. If you go back a decade or two, back when all of them look the same and produced a minimal amount of vapor, you could understand why they were not popular up until now. In order to produce a similar experience, one that can emulate what regular smoking can provide, the vapor that is made by the devices must be quite intense, and the nicotine delivery must be equivalent or greater than what you can achieve with a regular cigarette.

It is now possible switch over

Due to modern advancements, it is now possible for many people to simply switch over because there is Electronic_Cigarette_Smokingvery little difference between regular smoking and using a vaping instead of simply having the traditional electronic cigarette which appears to be identical in shape and proportion, they have made many unique products of all different shapes and sizes. There are two main components for these devices. The first is called the tank, which is what the Aspire Nautilus Mini is, the place where the e-juice is poured so that you can vaporize it and smoke. The other half of the devices called the mod, a battery that is rechargeable that can also have variable voltage and variable wattage settings. For those that are not experienced, a regular MOD is always recommended because the microprocessor and settings make it very easy for you to control how much vapor you are using at any one time. Mechanical MODs simply consist of a tube with a battery, and you turn it on by twisting it so that the battery makes a connection, usually producing significantly more vapor than with the more high tech devices. Getting back to that why people should try the Aspire Nautilus Mini, it has to do with its innovative design and the new coil design which is what sets it apart from all of the competition. Let’s get into this Aspire Nautilus Mini test review to see why so many people are raving about this product.

Aspire Nautilus Mini Test

When you first receive the device in the mail, and open up the box, you will see that it is elegant in design. It is similar to most clearomizers with a mouthpiece, a sloping tank that leads to the coil and connection of the bottom which will connect directly with the mod. Inside of the kit, you will get the Nautilus tank which will have a BBC atomizer already installed, running about 1.8ohms. It will have a replacement coil, which is a bottom vertical coil atomizer, and is equipped with an eGo threaded beauty: and an instruction manual. Part of the reason why this product is so much better is because the coil that it comes with is designed to last much longer, and due to its positioning, it will provide you with an unaltered and wholesome taste.

Whether you are a fan

couple smoking e-cigaretteSo whether you are a fan of using regular tobacco flavored e-juice, or you like the other types that have Hookah flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or anything else that you like, it will have a very clean taste. Since the coil already comes installed, if you are a newbie, this is something that you will not have to worry about for quite some time. If you are going to use it right out of the box, the most popular setting is to start at about 10 W, possibly moving up to 13 W, depending upon the mod that you are using with this device.

Four-part system to adjust airflow

It has excellent airflow control, using a four-part system so that you can adjust the airflow very easily. If you are an ex smoker, or you are a smoker right now that is trying to quit, you will want to use the settings that will use less air, providing a more realistic draw when using this device. The threading allows you to use a 510 battery device that supports any eGo MOD. The tank capacity is 2 mL, so this will typically last most people throughout the entire day before having to refill either your Pyrex glass tank, or stainless steel tank, that your clearomizer will be made of. Will be made of. The drip tip is very comfortable, and according to most people that have used previous Aspire products before, it is one of the best that they have made, allowing us to say that if you have never vaped before, and you would like to become a seasoned vaper, this is the product that you can start with and one that you will probably continue to use for many months or years to come.