What You Should Know About Halo E-Cig

Young Woman Smokin Electic CigaretteHalo E Cig is known as one of the popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the market. It started off with an appearance that resembles your regular electronic cigarettes, but it soon evolved into an even better smoking device with advanced features. Find out what Halo E Cigarette is all about, and discover if this product is worth your investment.

Overview about Halo E Cigs Starter Kits

Halo features two different models of electronic cigarettes such as the Triton Tank and G6. Primarily, the Triton Tank comes with a proprietary cartomizer and battery setup that give this brand a remarkable appeal among the public. In fact, this model has a very powerful battery that is capable of producing a strong vapor for hours of satisfying vaping experience.

As for the price, Triton Tank starter kits are priced at $64.99, and you can choose from a wide range of e-liquid flavors and colors for the unit. You may even select from a number of colors for the starter kit, depending on what suits your preferences.

A typical starter kit by Triton Tank contains various items such as 2 batteries, a wall adapter, a USB charger, 2 Triton tanks, a jet-black cone, and a case. These are essential items that are all you need to start vaping. Moreover, you can choose from the 400 or 650 mAh for the battery. Your choice largely depends on the level of power you want from the battery of your electronic cigarette.

Facts about the G6 E Cigarette by Halo

black_2456x256Halo is also popular for its G6 e cig model, which is coined as the brand’s cig-a-like models. The main feature of this model is that it resembles several renowned brands of electronic cigarettes such as Apollo and V2 cigs. It also works as expected, which is also what you can find from those regular brands of electronic cigarettes in the market.

The starter kit for the Halo G6 contains key items that will enable you to get started with vaping right away. Moreover, the G6 starter kit is much cheaper, as it costs about $44.99 – less expensive than the Triton Tank System.

There are several items found in every starter kit for the G6 model. These items include 2 batteries, a USB charger, a wall adapter, and a pack of 5 for the cartomizers. For your convenience in bringing the electronic cigarette whenever you want, you may place all these items in the carrying case included in the kit.

Although there are only a few items found in the G6 model, you can have a chance to select the battery color for each starter kit. Furthermore, you are allowed to choose the size of your batteries, and you may even opt for the manual or automatic feature. Lastly, you can opt for your choice of flavor for the cartomizers. Thus, you can enhance your vaping experience since you are not limited to just a few flavors that come with the kit.

Facts about the Choice of Products

What’s common about every Halo electronic cigarette is the fact that its selection of starter kits is very simple. Unlike other brands, Halo only gives you two options for the models found in the starter kits. These models have unique features that separate them from each other.

However, the most striking feature of Halo electronic cigarettes is the electronic liquid. This is something that you will like about the brand as there are several choices for the flavor, which means you are not limited to only a few options when it comes to the e liquid. With this in mind, a wide selection for the flavors gives you more reasons to choose this brand over the competition.

Pricing Features

Whether you are on a budget, or you are looking to splurge a bit on your electronic cigarette, you can find just the right one you need based on the price. The rates are quite reasonable, so you will have no problem buying an electronic cigarette even if you are on a limited budget.

For instance, the G6 Halo starter kit is only priced at $44.99, which is much cheaper than most brands. As for the Triton starter kit, it costs $64.99, also rather reasonable considering the numerous selection of items included in it.

Moreover, these starter kits are all equipped with 2 batteries. In fact, the battery is usually the most expensive aspect of any starter kit. You may even buy accessories and electronic liquid for your e cig, depending on the amount that you are willing to spend. So, when you think about the quality and extensive selection of products, Halo is reasonable enough.

Classic Design

Sure, Halo does not come with any outrageous print that is too striking or catchy. Instead, it features a leather case that is also quite elegant. With a lovely leather case, you will not be embarrassed about bringing along your electronic cigarette whenever and wherever. It is certainly much better than what other brands have, which is nothing more than a disposable box that you would not even want to bring along in public.

With every purchase of a starter kit by Halo, you can have yourself a handy case. When you feel like vaping in the car or in some public place, all you need is to put your e cigarette and accessories in the case and you are good to go in an instant.

Quality Service for Buyers

It is inevitable to come across minor issues with electronic cigarette companies once in a while. When issues occur, what you need is a responsive customer service that will provide you with professional support whenever you want.

This is exactly the good thing about Halo as its customer service department provides product users with a prompt response either over the phone or through email. Many customers commend the brand for responding to their concerns and inquiries the fastest way possible. This adds to the positive reputation of the company, which also positions it as among the finest brands in the market.


If what you look for are quality products and services in a brand of electronic cigarette, then Halo is the best choice for you. It gives you total satisfaction with every purchase of an electronic cigarette, so that add to your great experience each time you vape.HaloG6

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