What are the Top E Cigarette Brands?

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The tobacco industry has names such as Marlboro, Newport, and Winston as its bestselling brands. In the electronic cigarette industry, there are more than a hundred different e cigarette brands competing for its slice of the rapidly growing “vaping” pie. So which electronic cigarettes brands are the most popular?

Let’s take a look at some of the most recognizable names in the business:


No discussion about the brands of electronic cigarettes is complete without mentioning this juggernaut in the vaping industry. Blu captured about 47% of the US market by 2013 with sales of about $226 million.

Its popularity has been spurred by controversial TV ads featuring Stephen Dorff and former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy. It was launched by the tobacco company Lorillard, and that’s why it had a massive budget for advertising that allowed the brand to capture such a large share of the US market.

The Blu line of e cigs includes disposables, which you throw away after you use it up. You can buy 4-packs of the Classic Tobacco flavor, the Magnificent Menthol, and the Cherry Crush. These things are already assembled and they don’t need recharging. They’re about equal to the nicotine content of a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes.

There are also rechargeable e cigs in the Blu lineup, and they offer additional flavors (Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, Piña Colada, and Peach Schnapps). The nicotine strength has four levels ranging from High to None.


This is another familiar brand when you buy your ecigarettes in gas stations and convenience store. Logic is run by Miguel Martin, who’s been working for major cigarette companies for the better part of a decade. Logic is now considered the second-largest e-cig company behind Blu, and in 2014 they claimed they had overtaken Blu in convenience store volume sales.

Logic offers a very long list of ecigarettes and accessories. They have disposable units too, and they include zero nicotine models. The strongest Logic contains 2.4% nicotine and is available in just tobacco or menthol flavor. Each disposable provides up to 400 puffs, which is equal to two whole packs of smokes.


Vuse is a new addition to the e-cig market, and its popularity was immediate. That’s because it was launched by the tobacco giant Reynolds, which engaged in aggressive marketing techniques and astonishing price discounts.

Vuse only comes in the rechargeable format, so fans of convenient disposable e cigs are not accommodated. But it offers a host of features that may convert disposable e cig users into trying the rechargeable variety.

Reynolds calls the Vuse a “Digital Vapor Cigarette” because it’s supposed to be the most advanced e cig in the industry. It’s reputed to be the first brand with a design that incorporates smart technology. Inside the device is a processor that uses algorithms like a computer. It also has a “smart memory” chip.

Working together, the processor and the chip continuously adjust the power and heat settings of the e cig, as often as 2,000 times each second. These adjustments then result in the production of consistent vapors.

In terms of unit share, Reynolds now holds the third place in unit share at 15.6%, although it is still at fourth place in terms of dollar share.


This is the offering from the tobacco company Altria (parent company of Philip Morris), and it’s making a lot of waves in the industry. This is also not a disposable unit, but a rechargeable one like the Vuse.

There’s the original MarkTen that’s available all over the US in numerous tobacco stores and convenience stores. Then there’s the MarkTen XL, which is still limited to a few areas so far.

The XL version is a bit bigger, and its battery life and cartridge capacity are about double the original MarkTen. While the original comes in only Classic or Menthol flavor, the XL can also be bought in the Fusion or Winter Mint flavor. The original MarkTen has two nicotine strengths at about 2.5% and 1.5% nicotine level, while the XL offers a 2.5% and a 3.5% nicotine level.

Part of the appeal of the MarkTen is its remarkably low price. Even though it is a rechargeable model, its price resembles the ones you find in disposable e cigs. That’s because the recharging kit isn’t included and you have to buy it extra. With the device pack, you receive a battery, a USB charger, a USB to wall charger, and a USB to car charger.

Choosing Your Own Brand

Of course, many connoisseurs of vaping tend to look down on these popular brands as the choices of the masses who don’t know any better. Choosing the best e cigarette brands can be a rather daunting task, and there are a lot of choices out there beyond what Big Tobacco is offering.

Some people actually believe that these tobacco companies are releasing all these subpar electronic cigarettes just to dampen the interest of consumers in e cigs, so that they may return to the bygone era of smoking tobacco.

What this really means is that to get something truly good in the e-cigarette market, you’ll need to read a lot of reviews. Finding legitimate ones can be a hit-or-miss proposition, but you’ll need to do it none the less. You’ll need to read about the quality of the vapor, how easy it is to use, and how durable it is?

The first thing you need to decide is if you’re going to try out disposables or rechargeables. The disposable and cartridge-loaded e-cigarettes constitute the majority of e cig sales in 2014, as it accounted for 57% of the vaping market.

But now there are liquid-refill tank versions which deliver the nicotine more effectively, and they allow users to adjust the nicotine content and the flavors. The tank versions may also be more effective for some cessation efforts.

Regardless of what type you want, you have to realize that you have more than a hundred choices out there when you’re looking through e cigarette brands. Don’t be afraid to experiment, so you can find out for yourself which brand is the best for you.

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