The Portable Vapir No2

If you’re trying to quit smoking, you really need to take a look at the portable Vapir No2. This is a vaporizer, so it can be used to smoke herbs like tobacco or medical marijuana. You can use it to tone down your use of cigarettes gradually, which may be best when you’re trying to quit smoking.

Vaporizers have come into vogue ever since Colorado paved the way for mainstream cannabis use. But most vaporizers tend to be huge, they need to be kept plugged in so the coils can get their power, and they tend to be very expensive. Some even cost $700 or so.

The Portability of the No2 Vaporizer

First of all, what you’ll notice about the Vapir No2 vaporizer is that it is portable. You can take it with you anywhere. That’s because of the rechargeable battery it uses.

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Now that’s quite a feat, since vaporizers tend to need a lot of electricity to heat the coils continuously. But the battery used by the No2 Vapir is quite a sturdy little thing, because you can actually get as many as 4 or 5 uses before you need to recharge it again. That’s about an hour of heating time in total.

And you can still use it too when you’re plugged in recharging the battery. For maximum versatility, this vaporizer can also be charged in the car but you’ll need to buy a car adaptor for that.

The Simplicity of the Design

Once you’ve put the tubes together, what you have in your hands are two distinct parts. The top piece is the mouthpiece with the tube attached, while the other piece is the herb chamber. With just two pieces, fewer things can go wrong and it’s very easy to figure out how to use it properly.

That also means you don’t need much in terms of maintenance. And your purchase also includes your cleaning tools, including a wire cleaning brush and a couple of bamboo cleaning sticks.

Instead of glass and ceramics, Vapir uses a medical-grade brass heating element encased in stainless steel.
All in all, it looks like some sort of car tool, so its purpose isn’t as obvious to others. Actually, some may even think it’s some sort of toy rocket, so you may want to keep it out of sight when there are kids around.

Ease of Use

It’s also very easy to use. First you just choose the temperature you want (in eicouple smoking e-cigarettether Fahrenheit or Celsius). Then you wait a minute and a half for the No2 vape to heat up, you fill it in with the vaporizable products, and then you enjoy. It’s that simple to use.

The digital readout tells you the temperature, and generally it stays with 8 degrees of the temperature you set when it runs. The vapor it produces is full of flavor and quite smooth, although some may prefer to set the heat to 365 degrees instead of the recommended 375 to 385 degrees.

Another convenience is that it can remember your favorite vaporizing temperature, so you won’t have to manually reset the temperature every time you use it.


The problem with buying cheap low quality products is that you end up with things that break down all the time. That’s not the case with the No2, because the design is quite sturdy. It also comes with the standard 1-year warranty.

But the safety features are truly first rate. First of all, it won’t go past the temperature you set. It’s dependable that way, and of course you won’t have to worry about explosions or any of that type of problem.

Then there’s also the automatic shutoff that occurs 20 minutes after you’ve activated the heating element. It won’t keep on draining power if you forget about it. And of course, you won’t worry about overheating it too.

This feature is crucial when the herb you smoke tends to make you feel just a bit drowsy. If you space out, it’s not really a problem.


Of course, with its smaller size the container for the herbs is rather small. But that’s not a bad thing at all when you’re actually trying to quit smoking in the first place. In fact, that’s sort of an advantage.

Part of the small size is the fact that you’re also told to fill the chamber only up to three-fourths full. You’re not supposed to fill it up all the way to the top, because that can impede the airflow.

Another disadvantage is that cleaning out the vaporizable herbs from the chamber is a major annoyance. You have to tip the whole contraption over and then dig out the materials with the bamboo sticks. But then again, your annoyance with this maintenance procedure can help you to quit smoking even sooner.


The price of the No2 can be a bit on the high side when you compare it to electronic cigarettes, but then again it’s not actually an electronic cigarette per se. It’s a vaporizer, and compared to its bigger counterparts this portable vaporizer is actually very affordable.

It’s also portable, and that means you can enjoy your tobacco anywhere. And you can pick your tobacco products and pick one that can help you quit smoking. You can check out forums for herbs to smoke which can offer healthier alternatives.

You have to understand that when it comes to quitting smoking, the key is to do it a step at a time. Using the Vapir is a good first step, because you now don’t inhale smoke at all. Instead, you get your nicotine from vapor.

Then you also help train your mind by not using a device that looks like a cigarette. This may be difficult at first, but at least you’re still weaning yourself from your nicotine addiction gradually. You’re just training yourself not to look for a cigarette between your fingers when you vape.

With the Vapir No2, you can stop with the cigarettes and still get your nicotine. And eventually, you can quit smoking for good.

Try Vapir No2 And Quit Smoking For Good