Pros and Cons of E Cig Tanks

When electronic cigarettes first came on the market, the emphasis was on duplicating the look and feel of the tobacco smoking experience. The advantage of these “cigalikes” is that they accommodated the smoking habits of puffing on an actual cigarette, except that now there was no tobacco smoke to harm the health. But today, the use of the larger e cig tanks is growing while the use of cigarette look-alikes is becoming less popular.

So what are the reasons behind this new trend? How come these new vaporizers with their refillable e cig tank are now accounting for nearly half the total sales in the e cig industry?

More Advanced Features

e cig tankse cig tankse cig tanksThe bigger vaporizers are growing more popular these days because they offer a lot more features than the smaller cigarette look-alikes. And because many of the new users are young people who are not intimidated by new and advanced technology, vaporizers are becoming all the rage.

For example, with the new vaporizers you get a much powerful battery and a more reliable machine. That means you can enjoy a longer battery life before you have to recharge again, and that’s one convenience that many people enjoy.

The more powerful batteries also offer a more robust vapor quality, and the nicotine delivery is much smoother, which results in a more enjoyable vaping experience. Many of the e cigarette tanks are also see-through, so you know how much e-liquid you have left in the tank. You won’t have to be unpleasantly surprised with a low quality vapor to know that you need to refill.

Of course, the downside with having more advanced features is that the startup cost is going to be greater. But in the long run, using a larger vaporizer and refillable tanks cuts down on the cost of ownership.

More Flavor Options

This is the most significant advantage of using refillable tanks. In the old days, you were limited to the handful of flavor options the manufacturer was offering for your e cig. Maybe you get half a dozen different flavors at the most, and 4 different nicotine strengths (zero, low, medium, and strong).

Now today there are about 7,700 different e cig juice flavors to choose from. And if that’s not enough, you can mix your own e cig juice yourself to get the precise nicotine strength you want. For example, you can buy two containers of the same e cig juice flavor, except one has a high level of nicotine content and the other has zero nicotine. You can then add more of the zero nicotine to the mix so you can dilute the nicotine strength.

Since this type of e cig is more advanced, the heat comes on much faster. In fact, you can even control the strength of the heat you use. Some have preset levels of heating, while others offer you the chance to pick the precise temperature of the heat you want to use. You’ll then see the temperature setting on an LED display.

More customization options also meant that for those who want things simple, it can be troublesome to have to fiddle with so many options. Some may also not appreciate having to refill tanks. But this type of e cig is for those who want greater control and more options with their vaping experience.

Of course, choosing a flavor among the thousands of options can be a bother, but experimenting with different flavors is part of the fun. It’s like finding a new scotch or beer among the many options in the world. Discovering a new flavor is a new adventure. Trying out a new flavor each day can give you a unique vaping experience for years to come.

Health Concerns

Of course, there’s going to be more concern regarding the health risk of these more powerful nicotine delivery systems. But most experts do agree that while there may be possible long term risks, the use of these vaporizers is much safer than the use of real tobacco products.

It’s true that breathing in a lungful of clean fresh air is better than inhaling nicotine vapor, but for those who want to eliminate the dangers of smoking tobacco, switching to these contraptions is a better alternative.

Perhaps the real danger here is that nicotine juice, which is used to refill the tanks, are highly toxic when ingested or absorbed through the skin. Already there has been an increase in the number of hospitalizations concerning nicotine poisoning.

So if you are using these refillable tanks, one of your priorities is to make sure that children in your home do not get access to them. Many of the incidents of nicotine poisoning hospitalization have involved children age 4 and below.

You should also be very careful about refilling and mixing nicotine juice. Use gloves every time so don’t have it touch your skin. And always check your vaporizer for any defect that may allow you to taste nicotine juice through the mouthpiece.

Portability Problems

This may be a problem because e cigs that use refillable tanks are bigger than traditional e cigs. Some are so big that they are not portable at all and they’re meant strictly for home use.

But other models can still be portable. While they may not look like a small cigarette, they’re only as big as a cigar or a flashlight. They’re still small and light enough that you can carry them in your shirt pocket.

As a bonus, the fact that it doesn’t look like a real cigarette may avoid arguments about your “smoking” when you use it in public. It’s not uncommon for an altercation or an argument to happen when you vape in an area where smoking is not allowed. But at least with a larger vaporizer, people can see that it is not a cigarette at all.

So should you try using refillable e cig tanks? If you don’t like a fuss, maybe you should stick with the disposables. But if you’re unsatisfied with the vaping experience and you want to customize your own settings and flavors, then this is the way to go.

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