Electronic Cigarette Liquid Ingredients – What Is In E-Liquid?

If you are one of the many thousands of people that have decided to switch over to electronic cigarettes, realizing that it is a fantastic way to break your habit of smoking carcinogen and chemical loaded regular cigarettes, you have made a very wise choice. Back when ecigs first came out, they were very basic looking. Most of them looked like regular cigarettes, consisting of two parts including the battery and the cartridge.

Put they together

hOnce put together, by simply inhaling, the atomizer would be activated and would vaporize the liquid so that you could inhale this into your lungs. The delivery would simply be a vapor that had a certain flavor, usually tobacco or menthol, water vapor, and of course the nicotine. Many people have wondered what is inside electronic cigarette e-juice. This article will address electronic cigarette liquid ingredients, what they are, and whether or not they are safe for you.

An Overview Of Electronic Cigarettes

Back in the 1960s, there was an innovative individual but decided to create a product that could deliver nicotine into your body without having to deal with the possibility of developing cancer as a result of this addiction. These products looked like regular cigarettes, although more like toys, novelty items that really didn’t catch on until recent years. Today, these replicas of regular cigarettes are still popular, but modern innovations have made many different types that are of all shapes and sizes. Some of them are shaped like cigarette lighters, or large cigars, allowing you to fill a transparent container called a glassomizer or clearomizer with your favorite type of e-juice.

There are many flavors

In fact, there are many different flavors available above and beyond tobacco flavored and menthol such e cig juiceas vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, coffee, and a variety of others. Some companies will allow you to mix and match the different flavors, or you can do that yourself when you pour it into the device. There are also variable voltage and variable wattage batteries that can be used to increase the amount of vapor that you get, and with it a higher hit of nicotine, batteries that are called MODs. These have become extremely popular, allowing people to replicate the smoke produced by cigarettes and even cigars, by simply increasing the amount of electricity that is vaporizing liquid.

Which One Should You Try?

Assuming that you have never tried one of these before, or even if you have recently, you should recognize that there are several different types made by many different companies, all of which produce unique products. If you prefer smoking something that looks more like a regular cigarette, then you are going to be happy with traditional e-cigs that already have the e-juice in the mouthpiece that is attached to the battery, the longer end of the device that looks like where the tobacco is traditionally rolled, and you won’t have to worry about filling anything, or adjusting anything, because it will just simply work. The other devices include those that use what are called mechanical MODs that do not have any electronic equipment to control the delivery of the paper. This is something that you do on your own. The other type have microprocessors, just like regular electronic cigarettes, and no matter what electronic cigarette liquid ingredients you are using, or the flavor that you happen to prefer, you will have full control over the delivery of the vapor, helping you to really get used to, and potentially addicted to, these modern devices. Now let’s take a look at what e-liquid is all about, and whether or not e-juice is safe to use on a regular basis.

What Is In E-Juice?

e-cig and flavor bottlesThere are many people that wonder what exactly is in e-juice. When you finally look at the ingredients, you realize that all of them are very safe, actually common ingredients that you could purchase on your own. The first ingredient is called Propylene Glycol or PG, and is used in many products in order to be a flavor carrier, and is also one of the main ingredients that you use with food coloring and can also be found in certain types of medicine. The other possibility is that it will contain Vegetable Glycerin which is a very thick and sweet substance, based upon vegetables. Because of its thickness, it is usually combined with the Propylene Glycol to create a perfect mix of sweetness and maximum vapor. Neither of these are toxic, and will be found in all of the e-juice that is made today. Of course, the other ingredients include the flavoring, whenever that happens to be, and the nicotine which is the main reason that people smoke electronic cigarettes.

Now that you have a basic idea of what electronic cigarette liquid ingredients are, and that they are not toxic, this might motivate you to consider switching over to electronic cigarettes instead of smoking your favorite pack of smokes. It does take a little bit of time to get used to because, obviously, vapor is going to be a little bit different than smoke, but the consistency is similar, and when you are able to use a device that can produce an intense vapor by modulating the amount of energy that the MOD uses, you can use these variable voltage variable wattage ecigs to really replicate the sensation of smoking regular cigarettes, something that you may inevitably switch over to instead of smoking.