The Technological Marvel of the Aspire Nautilus

The typical Aspire Nautilus review can be a bit on the technical side, and for beginners that can be a bit intimidating. Most of the time, they delve on the specs of the Aspire Nautilus in minute detail, and it can be very tedious. So we’ll try to avoid that.

97332163What you first need to know is that the Aspire Nautilus tank is a clearomizer. This is a special kind of electronic cigarette, and if that’s already confusing then perhaps you need to read up on the different kinds of electronic cigarettes. Each type has certain benefits and drawbacks.

For clearomizers in general, the first advantage is that the container is completely transparent. That means you won’t have to guess how much liquid you have left in your tank. You can avoid that awful stink when you’re out of vape liquid and you continue to vape.

So now let’s talk specifically about Aspire. This is one of the more advanced products on the market since 2014, but the price is far lower than its counterparts which may go for up to $189.

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The Design

First of all, the Aspire vape is all about using glass and stainless steel. That insistence on stainless steel goes for everything including the Aspire Nautilus coils, the casing material, and the drip tips (the drip tip is the part which you put into your mouth). That also includes the eGo threaded cone.

The whole thing is shaped like some sort of slender bell tower, and its transparency means you can see the liquid inside. But the presence of all that stainless steel does give it some sort of steampunk vibe.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, steampunk seems like it jives well hippie mentalities, and don’t forget that it was the hipster community which first brought electronic cigarettes into mainstream attention.

The 5 ML Capacity

When they call this thing a tank, it’s actually true. Beginners may not be all that impressed with it, but when you consider that its competitors hold only 1.6 ml in comparison, you’re realize just how big it is. Five milliliters is a lot of juice.

Part of the solution is that Aspire managed to build a very slender center post in the vaping unit. In other units, these things are huge, which is why you’re limited to just 1.6 ml. With the Aspire smaller center post, you now have a bigger space in the tank you can fill with vape juice.

Now if you’re used to clearomizers,you may be anticipating a problem. You’re thinking that it’s going to leak, as this is a common problem with clearomizers. Essentially, all clearomizers will leak.

But now we have the exception to the rule. Unless it is damaged in some way, it just won’t leak at all. There’s no leaking near the battery and no leaks from the 510 tip connection.

This is surely an engineering feat worth mentioning if you’re used to these things. This fact alone may convince you of Aspire’s superiority. The design is so elegantly and perfectly set up so that a leak is impossible.

The Adjustable Airflow

This is the part which clearomizer fans are ecstatic about,but if you’re a newcomer to electronic cigarettes it can be somewhat confusing. So let’s clarify.

The airflow control is important because with it you can control the entire vaping experience. You can customize it in such a way as to conform to your preferences, instead of you having to adjust to the quirks of your electronic cigarette.

So now you can adjust the drag of the e cig, and it can be as weak or as strong as you want it to be. You can control how much vapor you want to produce. And you can even determine the warmth of the vapor, whether you want it warm like a traditional cigarette which can burn your throat or cool as if you’re inhaling candy.

This control is made possible by the airflow control knob right under the tank. There are 4 distinct portholes which controls the amount of air coming into the coils.

Controlling the airflow is also important especially when you start hearing gurgling sounds from the unit. You just need to read the manual that comes with your purchase so that you know what to do.

The Verdict

This is truly a great way for you to experience vaping. Of course, it doesn’t look like a traditional cigarette, but that’s actually the point of the clearomizer. It’s just a way for you to get your nicotine fix without subjecting anybody beside you with secondhand smoke.

It works with just about any flavor of vape juice you want to buy. And if you want to replace the stainless steel drip tip, you can too. It’s detachable, and you can put in some plastic or even wooden tips so it feels like sucking on a pipe instead.

Rumor has it that the design of the Nautilus tank was based on mostly user feedback, and that’s why it is so popular. The trick about solving the leakage problem is also an engineering marvel.

With its bigger tank, you won’t have to worry about vaping until the juice runs out. And besides, it’s clear as a bell anyway, so you’d know when you’re running out of juice.

With the control of the airflow, your vaping experience becomes a customized activity as well. This is especially true when you combine it with a variable wattage battery so you can control the heat source as well.

And the price is also truly marvelous. In terms of bang for the buck value, probably nothing beats the Nautilus in terms of price and features.

The best way to enjoy the Nautilus is to first read the manual thoroughly. Then you can use it by fiddling around with the airflow control so you can experiment with the effects. You can be assured that with the Aspire Nautilus, the effects of the airflow control can be very dramatic.

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